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Random Thoughts on Instructional Design

Coordinating Assistive Technology with Your Instructional Technology Program

Presenter: Andrea Pokrzywinski, CESA#12 Ashland Wisconsin

Ms. Pokrzywinski recommendations for Collaboration are to:

  1. Broaden the definition of assistive technology to support all students in becoming more efficient and successful
  2. Coordinate technical support between Assistive and Instructional Technology
  3. Identify technology integration strategies that support academic achievement. Some resources that can assist in this process are:
    CARET (Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology)
  4. Promote technology as a tool for differentiating instruction utilizing the Universal design for learning
  5. Advocate for the use of technology to help all struggling students
  6. Make sure digital resources are accessible to all students
  7. Include collaboration with assistive technology as a goal in your technology plan

If you are interested in this topic I strongly encourage you to review Ms. Pokrzywinski’s presentations page. It contains a number of helpful links and white papers on the subject.

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This entry was posted on June 29, 2005 by in NECC 2005.

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