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Random Thoughts on Instructional Design

Make Teaching, Not Technology, More Enchanting, and More Interactive

Presenter: Dr. Christopher Moersch

Dr. Moersch stated that teachers are feeling more comfortable with the use of technology in the classroom, yet are integrating less and less of it into the curriculum. Some of reasons for the retrenchment in technology utilization are:

  • The emphases on high stakes testing
  • Societal acceptance of non-technology use
  • Ineffective institutional leadership
  • Lack of vision on the part of administrators: rigid pacing guide, whole school reform models, emphases on test-prep, one-size fits all attitudes, and scripted teaching strategies.

He suggests that technology utilization can be improved if schools would:

  • Integrate clearly defined technology goals with specific targeted AYP (adequate yearly progress) goals tied to NCLB (no child left behind)
  • Implement dynamic instructional models
  • Promote Authentic Assessment Practices
  • Provide differentiated professional development to staff
  • Emphasize higher-level thinking and higher level questioning strategies

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