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Distance Learning for Education with Streaming Video Over IP Networks

Presenter: Rich Mavrogeanes of VBrick Systems

Rich Mavrogeanes opened the session by providing some background information about his company, VBrick Systems. It was well done only taking about 5 minutes of the session time. One of the statements made as part of the introduction to the topic was that everyone has broadcast quality TV…why should people settle for less in educational broadcasts. The presenter then went on to show an example of streaming video of the Titanic taken by Dr. Bob Ballard. The quality of the video and detail that could be seen were amazing. The challenge posed by the presenter was to deliver video streaming over the current network systems that reach every room and desktop whether the mode of delivery is one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-one.

After a brief description of the various types of video systems, Rich talked about why the use of streaming video is important. The reasons included:

  • The use of site and sound provide the most effective communication
  • Streaming Video eliminates barriers of time and distance
  • And meet the students high expectations of technology use in the classroom

Technology issues of bandwidth hogging, compressing video, compression types, and distribution network were then presented. This is where the presenter lost me as an Instructional Designer. While I understand the need to comprehend the issues of compression and distribution before deciding to implement the use of video streaming, I had hoped to see effective examples of Distance Learning experiences using Streaming Video.

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