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Reflections on the NECC Conference

In general, I found the conference to be informative and well organized. There appeared to be sessions for almost all interest groups and experience levels. I just wish the sessions had been divided into areas of specialization in the program.

During more than one of the sessions that I attended the presenters provided handouts, but did not have enough for the entire audience. It would have been nice if copies of session PowerPoint slides and handouts were posted to a central repository, and that the URL of the materials were publicized in the conference materials.

Blogging about the NECC conference was the first time that I needed to write extemporaneously for a public audience. What I found out about myself is that I really don’t like writing quickly, nor do I write as clearly and concisely as I would like. My hat goes off to the conference bloggers that wrote the really engaging entries that made you feel that you were standing right next to them at the conference.

Hope that everyone made it home safely and enjoyed their holiday weekend.

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This entry was posted on July 3, 2005 by in NECC 2005.
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