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Taking Your Course Online, Part 2 of 6

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Outline the Course

Make an outline that matches each course week or module with associated date, lecture materials, labs, assignments and corresponding items. This comprehensive outline can be very helpful when you go to build your course skeleton. Also detail which artifacts will be used for what module.

Week 1: Introduction to Managerial and Financial Accounting 3/01/06 – 3/06/06


  • Investigate what a FINANCIAL STATEMENT is and where to find it for a public company
  • Investigate what ROE consists of and why it is so important

Items to Think About

  • Interpret this analogy – Not having good financial information about a company can be as dangerous as driving a car blindfolded. 
  • Comment on the following – Observing key financial ratios of a company over a 5 year period can provide much more meaningful information than that of observing the dollar amounts found in the financial statements.
  • How does this effect accounting for a company’s transactions? – Because earnings tend to drive the value of a company’s stock, there is tremendous pressure in public companies to report ever increasing earnings, especially when investors have been used to significant increases in the value of their stock.


  • Read the online postings: Accounting Overview, The Accounting Process, The Flow of Transactions, Accounting Concepts and Principles
  • Listen to online lecture
  • Read Chapters 1 and 2 – Financial Accounting Text
  • Complete answers to online posting:  Interrelationship of Basis Chart of Accounts, General Ledger, Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Review Wyeth’s 2004  Financial Statement on their website and identify at least three items you learned so far
  • Read requirements of the online posting for the Group Case Study to be presented in Week 3.  Contact members of your group to strategize on your presentation.

Additional Resources

  • – financial information available on public companies

Online Discussion Instructions

  • Please address one of the items under “Items to Think About” in the discussion area.
  • Where appropriate, respond to the postings of your peers.

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