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Taking Your Course Online, Part 4 of 6

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Build the Course Skeleton

Create the organizational (or skeleton) structure of your course. This involves creating a series of clearly labeled folders that will hold course materials.

Make a folder for every week or module in your outline or mimic the structure of your syllabus.

Enter the Course Information area and create folders for the Syllabus, Grading Policies, Class Rules, and other basic items relating to course sub-folders for sub-topics as necessary.  We suggest that a series of folders be created to house course materials: 1 main folder for the course with subfolders created for each week, discussion topics, and general course materials. For example:

Course Overview
Course Materials
Week 1: Introduction, from date – to date (folder)
Week 2: Financial Decisions, from date – to date (folder)
Week 3: Decision Making, from date – to date (folder)

Enter the Course Materials area in your Blackboard course, and create folders that correspond with your folders.

Add Instructor Introduction

Enter the Instructor Information content area and create an entry for yourself. If you have a picture of yourself, include that too.

Suggested content:

  • Provide a photo, or an audio/video introduction of yourself
  • If you have a personal website provide the URL
  • Office Hours (office hours should be a combination of some of the following formats – face-to-face on campus, chat rooms, telephone, email, or asynchronous threaded discussion)
  • Suggested items to address in the narrative:
  • Information about you (interests, research, credentials, consulting activities, publications, etc.)
  • Your interest in the discipline
  • Teaching philosophy
  • Enthusiasm for teaching … for the course
  • How the course fits within the program curriculum

Create additional entries for teaching, assistants, graduate assistants, guest speakers or other course staff members.

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