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Stayin’ Alive: Surviving the Dreams and Realities of Assessing Full-time, Web-based Students’ Learning

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Presenter: Tracy Chapman, Director, Information Technology and Learning Resources, Creighton University

Tracy presented an overview of how her institution implemented an online assessment protocol for their web-based “Pharmacy Pathway” program. Like other institutions this program utilized a number of assessment strategies. The non-test strategies were handled the same way for the online and on-ground students.  The challenge was developing a method for managing and delivering a variety of high-stakes exams at a distance, while maintaining test integrity and exam security.

In investigating this opportunity the Institution found that they needed more than one online assessment tool to support the various types of test questions, question pools, feedback options, and adaptive testing needs. The tools selected were:

Click here to view an audio overview of the selection process, project assessment, and lessons learned by the program designers (20 minute flash movie).

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