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Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Course Development

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For the past five years I have been working with faculty who needed to move their classroom based courses to online environments. This transition has not been an easy one for many of them, who, while comfortable with traditional methods of education, were uncertain how to transfer their course content into a pedagogically sound online environment. In an effort to help them with this transition we offered workshops, one-on-one training opportunities, a library of resources and isolated tutorials.  Unfortunately, the amount of time most faculty had available for extensive face-to-face training in the pedagogy and best practices was hardly enough to address all of their issues and questions. The short one-on-one training sessions became more reactive then proactive (individuals would call in frustration after trying to solve a problem on their own, or schedule training long before they had an actual course to redesign/create). And the resource library and isolated tutorials addressed specific topics but did little to tie concepts together into a cohesive design plan.

Due to the limitations of the aforementioned tools and techniques, it became necessary to develop a tool to which the faculty could refer on demand as they develop their courses online. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Course Development was designed to meet this need. This self-paced course is dedicated to assisting faculty in identifying resources to use in the development of online courses. The resource materials are arranged in five main sections:

Although I designed this tool for the faculty at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, large portions of the site are appropriate for anyone designing an online course offering. I welcome you to review, comment on, contribute to, and where appropriate link to the tool.

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This entry was posted on February 6, 2006 by in Distance Education, Instructional Design.

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