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Guide to Planning Online Courses – Part 1 0f 11

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Last summer I started developing an online tutorial called the “Hitchhikers Guide to Course Development” for the faculty on my campus. One of the tools our instructors have used over and over again is the guide of planning online courses. Since the tool has been so popular I thought that I would post it to the blog as an eleven (11) part series.

Each Tuesday for the next 2+ months a new section of the guide will be posted. I hope that you find the materials useful.

Before you start designing your first online course:

  • Educate yourself by reading articles about web-based training, instructional design, technology education, and online learning. Links to resources in these areas can be found throughout this site.
  • Locate and introduce yourself to the learning management system (LMS) Administrator.
  • Ask the Administrator to create a user account, password, and blank course shell for you.
  • Understand LMS hardware and software specifications. Make sure your computer is set up with the correct requirements. Again, refer to the Administrator if you need assistance.
  • Practice using the learning management system. Take a workshop, arrange with the LMS Administrator for one-on-one training, or explore a peer’s course.

Once you feel comfortable with the tools and clear idea of how you want to present your materials online, review the following course design guidelines.

  1. Prepare Your Materials – post date 3/7/2006
  2. Outline the Course – post date 3/14/2006
  3. Define the Syllabus – post date 3/21/2006
  4. Select Material Delivery Methods – post date 3/28/2006
  5. Build the Course Skeleton – post date 4/4/2006
  6. Add Instructor Introduction – post date 4/11/2006
  7. Populate the Course – post date 4/18/2006
  8. Create Opportunities for Community Building – post date 4/25/2006
  9. Create Announcements – post date 5/2/2006
  10. Prepare for Delivery – post date 5/9/2006

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This entry was posted on February 28, 2006 by in Distance Education.

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