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Guide of Planning Online Courses – Part 2 of 11

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Prepare Your Materials

  • Identify measurable course learning objectives. Determine what core competencies and knowledge students will need to meet these objectives.
  • Gather your course materials and content into a central location. Include items such as:
    • handouts,
    • slide shows,
    • syllabus,
    • overheads,
    • lecture notes,
    • projects,
    • assessments,
    • audio and video files,
    • web resources, and
    • discussion topics
  • Determine what format your materials exist in.
    • Take note of items already in electronic format and move them into course folders on your computer.
    • Have hard copy documents scanned.
    • Have audio tapes and photos converted into digital files (the instructional designer can assist with this task)
    • Collect web links and descriptions into a central file
    • Where necessary acquire copyright permissions
  • Accommodate different types of learners. Make sure visual learners have graphics and text they can see to foster learning. Provide narration and text for visual learners. Apply creative combinations of teaching strategies, using methods like instructional units, case studies, simulations, and self-evaluations to encourage learners.
  • Utilize the action principle, emphasizing clearly and continually the connections between what is being learned and the real world in which it will be applied.

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This entry was posted on March 7, 2006 by in Distance Education.

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