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Changing Passwords & Email Addresses

It is important to keep your personal information current in Blackboard.  This can done on the My Institution page of Blackboard or within any of your Blackboard course pages.

Changing Passwords

Your instructors and fellow students use Blackboard to send e-mails, so it is important to keep your information up-to-date.

tools link

  1. Click on the "My Institution" tab, then click on the Personal Information link.
  2. blackboard personal information selection screen

  3. Click on the Change Password link. The change password screen will be presented.
  4. Type a new password using alphanumeric characters only. (passwords are case sensitive so use mixed case letters with caution.)
  5. Blackboard change password screen

  6. Retype your new password in the Verify Password.
  7. Click on the [Submit] button

Setting Preferred Email Account

In Blackboard, your original e-mail address is set to your University address. Unfortunately, not every student uses this one so e-mails from instructors may not reach you. Make sure your Blackboard e-mail address reflects the account that you use most frequently.

Blackboard select personal information screen

  1. Click on Personal Information link located under the Tools tab. The Edit Personal Information screen will be presented.
  2. change personal information screen

  3. Type your preferred email address in the E-mail field.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the [Submit] button.


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