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Encouraging User Innovation Toolkits

Source: InfoWorld

Simple administrative tools help a small university experiment and explore its application needs: “If you’re working in a higher-ed IT shop, you’re likely supporting one of several course management systems, Blackboard and WebCT being the two names that come up most often. But you’re also acutely aware of the educational relevance of blogs, wikis, and related applications and services sprouting everywhere. This stuff is mostly open source software.” These tools are products that faulty are being encouraged to adopt by speakers at many of the professional conferences, and ones that students use and are demanding to have access to at the universities and colleges that they attend.

Personally I use five different open source tools (Moodle, Open Office, XOOPS, WordPress, and PHP Survey) and two course management systems (Blackboard and Angel) in supporting students at my University. When talking to peers at other Institutions I have found that this type of product mix is becoming the norm. The challenges that we all faced were designing a common look and feel for the (more on this challenge in my next post), and convincing the keepers of the campus networks to host and support new tools.

What mix is your Institution utilizing, and how are they managing to integrate these different platforms?


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