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Surfing the Net for Anatomy Resources…

artery anatomy

Last week I received an email from one of the faculty in the school of Pharmacy at my Institution asking if I knew of any electronic resource for anatomy that she could use in her lectures. She wanted to illustrate the anatomy of the aorta, iliac arties, femoral artery, and tibial artery in a lecture on peripheral arterial disease.

Being one that likes to surf – especially when I should be working on course prep – a spent a couple of hours looking for resource that would meet her needs. A number of very interesting resource site were available — many providing resources that were free for adoption. I thought that some of you might find some of the more general resources uncovered in this search useful.

  • Human Anatomy Online (highly recommended site)
  • Get Body Smart – an online examination of human anatomy and physiology  
  • Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body Online at (flat pages with great graphic images)
  • Library of Anatomical Resources (have to create an account to download the movies)
  • CVMD Cardiovascular Multimedia Information Network (contains some interesting procedure videos)  
  • Artificial Anatomy by the Smithsonian  – contains some interesting remediation tools
  • Medical Gross Anatomy Games – some interesting reinforcement activities can be found here (I have to admit that I downloaded some of the games and played with them.) Most of games on this site are free for adoption and would be easy to implement into the classroom or in online courses.

If you have any sites or resources in your collection that would be helpful to this instructor please add them to this post.

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