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Couple of Interesting Vendor Products

educause 2006

I don’t often talk about vendor presentations on this blog, but I spoke to two at Educause that provide tools that I think could be very helpful.

DyKnow Vision Package

The Vision package used in conjunction with Tablet PCs or other pen-based hardware, can create a very effective reasonably priced teaching support tool. The Vision package encourages effective note taking, can enhance classroom collaboration, and content retention. The tool allows instructors to poll classes, or retrieve, display, and replay student-specific work to spark discussion. Students can lead class discussions, collaborate with others, and share work with instructors from their seats or even at a distance. After class, students and instructors can access, replay, and modify their personalized Vision notes from any computer with Internet access.

Additional information about Vision can be found at

Google Apps for Education

Google is offering four new applications free for adoption to educational institutions at all levels.

  1. Gmail – an email application that provides 2 gigabytes of storage, search tools, and instant messaging to each user.
  2. Google Talk – this tool provides instant messaging and voice calling over the web.
  3. Google Calendar – allows users to keep personal calendars and subscribe to institutional calendars.
  4. Google Page Creator – provides a what-you-see-is-what-you-get website design tool.

Additional information about these products can be found at

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This entry was posted on October 11, 2006 by in Educause2006, Instructional Technology.

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