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MIT Collective Intelligence Laboratory

MIT Collective Intelligence Laboratory launches its first wiki project to publish a book. The book will be written and published by a community of users. Here is an invitation that was sent to MIT Sloan community:

The focus of our new book, tentatively titled We Are Smarter Than Me, is just that: a guide to the landscape of community knowledge and the identification of key principles to harness it.

Organized initially around the major business functions and processes, the book will contain case studies of successes and failures, and commentary on the lessons learned. But most importantly, this book will (we hope) be written by hundreds or thousands of people, each listed as an author. Using wiki technology, the purpose of our experiment is to determine whether a community approach applies to book-writing, and to harness the knowledge of the community to advance the state of management.
You can learn more about how this will work by visiting

You are invited to participate in the project in a variety of ways. This would include, but not limited to, making contributions to current chapters, or creating new chapters if you believe the current structure is too constraining (you can review the current chapter structure on the website). Or you can simply monitor the chapter(s) you feel are most relevant, and you can provide commentary and content as you feel necessary. If you are interested in participating in this project, please visit to learn more about the project and to sign-up as a project participant.

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