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Happy New Years!

This blog has been pretty quiet for the past 6 weeks due to workload and the holidays. The fall term became one of those periods where I should have keep in mind the adage “be careful what you wish for it just may come true”. My co-writer and I received a contact from Jossey-Bass to write a book that will assist faculty in becoming learning centered teachers, the academic VP approved a project plan that I have been marketing around campus for the better part of a year, I moved my faculty support guide from a series of flat web pages to database, developed faculty tutorials for a learning management system (LMS) that I have never used before (boy was that fun – not), and I had two new course preps for the spring 2007 term on top of my regular responsibilities and outside projects.

One of the things that helped me stay sane through this rollercoaster ride can be found in the following quote.

OAR: Opportunity + Action = Results
If you just sit on the dock waiting for your ship to come in you’re in for a long wait. You have to put your oars in the water and row out to meet your ship of dreams. We have to row our own boat in life or we’ll never get out of the shallows. ~ Dennis Gaskill

The other thing that has helped me stay on track and to keep things in perspective is my life-partner and the two dogs for which we are the caregivers. Without these individuals the long work days and sleepless nights would not have been possible. I hope that each of you have a special someone in your lives to assist you through life’s peeks and valleys.

I hope that you receive all the things that you need and some of the things that you want in 2007.



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