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Creating Class Polls

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The Angel single question class polls can be used to draw interest to the next topic of study, poll class consensus, or a variety of other uses. For instance I posted a different course poll for each week. The information from the polls helps me make adjustments to the course content.

The following steps will assist you in adding polls to your own course.

Creating a course poll

  1. Click on the Communicate tab.
  2. Click on the Polls link.
  3. Click the [Add Question] button.
  4. Type your question in the Question field.
  5. Type the question options into each of the List Items fields.
  6. Click the [Save] button.

Making poll visible to students

  1. Go to the “Course” tabs then Under the header in the white section of the page click on the Edit Page link.
  2. Under the Available Components header click on Section Polls
  3. Then select the location where the polls will appear from the Location dropdown
  4. Then click on the [Add Component>>] button.
  5. Next click on the [Save] button.

The polls will now be displayed on your course page.

Viewing poll results

  1. Click the Communicate tab.
  2. Click the Polls link. The Quick Poll Editor page will be displayed.
  3. Click the Summary link to view a summary of poll submissions, or
  4. Click the Details link to view details for each poll submission, or
  5. Click the Export link to export the poll submission results as a tab-delimited file.

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