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Creating a Quiz in Angel

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For this tutorial you will create a quiz in your sample course that will assess students ability to successfully complete an online course. The instructions are rather long so you should print this document or open your practice course in a new window in order to practice this skill.

1. Open your practice course, click on the Materials tab, then click on the Add Content link.

2. Click on the Quiz link. The New Quiz editor will be displayed.

angel quiz create screen

3. Type "Are online courses for me?" in the Title field.

4. Type the following in the Directions field:

While online education is an exciting and convenient way to learn, it does require motivation, basic computer skills and the ability to work independently. Is it right the right situation for you? We have created this short questionnaire to help you find out. The assessment results are private and not to be taken as fact. It is ultimately your decision to take this online course. The purpose of the self evaluation is to prepare you for the commitment required to complete the course.

5. Click on the Submission tab, then click on the Max Attempts drop-down menu. Select the maximum number of attempts you want to allow your students for this quiz.

Note: If you are creating a practice quiz, then you may want to select unlimited. If the purpose is to assess experience level, advancement, and/or for a grade, the default value of 1 may be preferred.

6. Next, click the [Save] button. The Quiz Preview/Begin screen will be displayed.

7. Click on the Add Question link located under the quiz title. A list of question type will be displayed.

8. Click on the Section Heading link. The Section Heading Editor will be displayed.

quiz section heading

9. Enter the following text into the Text field.
"For each question please select the statement that reflects your feelings and/or situation."

10. Click the [Save] button. The The Quiz Preview/Begin screen will be redisplayed.

Note: Section heading directions appear in-line with quiz questions. Directions specified on the quiz settings page will appear on the quiz screen before the student clicks the "Begin Quiz" hyperlink.

add a quiz question screen

11. Click the Add Question link.

12. Click the Multiple Choice link. The Question Editor will be displayed.

quiz question editor form

13. Enter the following question in the Text field and answers in the Points and Choices fields.

Question: How important is having face-to-face contact with my instructor and other students in the class?



  a. Not very important

2 pts

  b. Somewhat important

3 pts

  c. Very important

Note: For this exercise there is no wrong answers so different points values will be allocated for each choice.

14. Click the [Save] button to save the question.

15. Repeat steps 7-14 for at least one of the questions noted below.

Question: When I have to work individually




  a. I almost always complete the task successfully.

2 pts


  b. I finish the task, but feel a bit uncomfortable without the instructor’s presence.

3 pts


  c. I rarely finish the task.

Question: As a student I




  a. Can do my assignments, stay focused on the course and finish coursework ahead of time without being reminded by my instructor.

2 pts


  b. Need help staying focused and motivated to complete my coursework.

3 pts


  c. Need a lot of assistance in staying focused and motivated to complete my coursework.

Question: Are you comfortable using your computer to learn and participate in a course?




  a. Yes, I use a computer daily for work and other uses and am computer-literate.

2 pts


  b. Yes, I have basic computer skills. What I don’t know, I am sure I could figure out with basic instructions.

3 pts


  c. I’m not sure if my skills are up to date, and computers can frustrate me.



Question: My personal and professional schedule is:




  a. I can generally plan, well in advance, blocks of time to devote to my coursework.

2 pts


  b. Generally predictable, but sometimes last-minute meetings or events come up that I cannot reschedule.

3 pts


  c. I am seldom sure when I’ll have free time that I can set aside for my coursework.

16. For the last question in the quiz enter the following information in the General Feedback field, then click the [Save] button. The Quiz Preview/Begin screen will be displayed.

Question Scoring

….Your level of success in any course is determined by a multitude of factors. This analysis is meant to give you an indication of your aptitude for online learning …

17. Click on the Preview hyperlink to review the quiz.

Refer to the Instructors Manual for guidelines an adding other question types.

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