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Grading Work in the Angel Dropbox

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This tutorial step you through viewing and grading, and providing feedback for drop box submissions.

1. Open your sample course.

2. Navigate to the drop box that you wish to view and then click on the Utilities link located under the Drop box title. The Utilities menu will be displayed.

3. Click on the View, Grade or Delete Submissions link. A listing of student submissions will be displayed.

4. Click on the [View] button next to the assignment you wish to review.

Note: Depending on the type of file submitted and the configuration of your browser, the student submission will either automatically open or will prompt you to choose whether to open or save the file. If prompted, choose to open the file.

5. Review the file — if there is an attachment click on the attachment link to view the file.

Note: Save a copy of the document to your local computer if you are going to annotate the file.

6. Click the [Done] button. The student submissions listing will be displayed.

7. Click on the [Grade] button to the left of the assignment just reviewed. The grading page will be displayed.

dropbox grading screen

8. Type a numeric grade (use whole numbers only) in the Grade field. The grade field uses the point value provided during the Drop box setup.

9. Type remarks to the student in the Remarks field.

10. Click on the [Attachments] button if you annotated the student’s submission. An Attachments pop-up box will be displayed.

  1. Click on the [Browse…] button a file window for your local computer will be displayed.
  2. Navigate to the folder to be uploaded and select it.
  3. Click on the [Upload File] button. If more than one file needs to be uploaded to the student repeat steps 1-3.
  4. Click on the [Finished] button.

11. If remarks have been added or file(s) attached click on the check box to the left of the Send as mail message to user entry.

12. Then click the [OK] button.

Note: The grade will appear next to the student UserID. You can click the title of the submission to modify the grade or remark, or to view the original student submission or the instructor provided feedback file.

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