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Creating Teams in Angel

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Use the Team Editor to assign or randomly generate discussions or special projects teams. Segmenting course or community participants into teams allows you to:

  • Limit access to course or community by teams. Setting the access parameters on content folders will allow you to customize the content for several teams within the same course or community. Team files also provide a space for student teams to share project files and other documents.
  • Generate team activity reports. This activity information can be used to assess the submissions, mail messages, chat sessions and general activities within the course.
  • Use the Whiteboard adds another dimension to your course or community by illustrating and sharing imagery and complex concepts with teams.
  • Use Angel desktop sharing feature in conjunction with teams to demonstrate and share any desktop application, such as Microsoft products or tutorial software provided by textbook and tutorial publishers. This tool combination can also be used as a way for groups of students to collaborate on projects.
  • Use the Event Settings form to add a calendar item for a specific team, or group of teams. This tool combination provides an opportunity to set up appointments with teams to discuss assignments/activities, provide academic advising, and more. The posted events are displayed on the user’s personal calendar, Today’s Calendar and the user’s course calendar.

Creating a Team

This tutorial will assist you in creating a team within your course or tutorial. For this exercise to be effective you may want to add a few students to your practice course.

1. Open your course or community group

2. Click the Manage tab

manage teams selection page

3. Under the Group Management section. click the "Teams" link. The Teams Editor page will be presented

team editor screen

4. On the Teams Editor page, click Add a Team link

5. Under the General Settings:

team settings page


  1. Type a Team name and Description of the team (Note: If you plan to use the Random Team Generator to create sub-teams, the maximum number of characters that can be used for a team name is 20 characters.)
  2. If applicable, enter the homepage and/or project URL
  3. If you don’t want the team to be publicly displayed on the teams list and in the mail utility click on the Hidden field drop down box and click on "Yes".

6. Under Team Tools:

  1. Click on the drop down arrow next to the File Sharing field and click on Enabled. This function allows team members to upload files to a common team space to share.
  2. In the Quota field type the maximum file size that you want the students to upload (for this exercise type 20)


7. Click the Save button. The Add Team Members page will be displayed


add team members page


8. Click in the box(s) next to the member(s) you wish to add to the team

9. Click the [Add Selected] button to add the user

10. Click the [Done] button. Teams Editor Page will be displayed.

Click the [Exit Teams Editor] button

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