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Using the Angel Random Team Generator

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The Random Team Generator feature allows you to create random teams and sub-teams based on criteria you set.  This functionality makes the team aspect of ANGEL more robust and easier to support courses with a high number of teams. 

1. Open your course or community group

2. Click the Manage tab

    angel admin menu

3. Under the Group Management section. click the "Teams" link. The Teams Editor page will be presented

4. On the Teams Editor page, click on the "Random Team Generator" link

ramdon generator settings screen

5. Type the Root Name of the Teams to be generated.

6. Set the Criteria for the teams by selecting the Limit the number of teams
to create or Limit the maximum and minimum number of team members, if

7. If you would like to limit the number of members per team enter the maximum and minimum number of members.

8. If you would like to limit the types of users that can be assigned to the team click on the appropriate user rights checkboxes.

9. To restrict where members of the the team are drawn from select: Entire Roster, Selected Teams or Users not enrolled on a team by clicking on the radio button next to the appropriate option.

10. To limit members to students who have accessed the course click the "Only include users who have accessed the course" checkbox.

11. Select Create as sub-teams checkbox if you want to create sub-teams of the
existing teams.

12. Click the [Next] button. The Adjustment Page will be presented.

The Adjustment Page provides the opportunity to move users from team to team, unassign users, or move unassigned users to a particular team. From the Adjustment Page:

team adjustment page

14. To move students from one group to another:

  1. highlight the user name
  2. click on the drop down arrow in the "Move To" filed located under the team or unassigned users box.

15. Once you have adjusted the teams, click the [Generate Teams] button. The
Team Generator Results page will be presented confirming the teams and their members.

16. Next, click the [Continue] button. The Team Editor page will be presented.

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