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New Guide for Current and Emerging Technologies in Education

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I was reading through an e-newsletter that I receive and ran across a great web resource called the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies. The site contains a number of links to resources, articles, and information sheets on existing and emerging technologies.

The two sections that I found most useful were the Directory of Learning Tools, and the Guide to Learning Tools.

The Directory provides links to free/open source and commercial tools that can be used to design, develop, and deliver learning content.

The Guide “is an introductory resource for those who want to understand more about the wide range of learning tools available. This section contains:

  • Info sheets – which provide a summary of the tools and how they can be used to [deliver learning content].
  • Reading Lists – which provide a list of key supporting reading and resource materials for those who want to read and find out more.”

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This entry was posted on May 23, 2007 by in Instructional Technology.

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