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Rubric Studio Product

RCampus is offering a free rubrics tool that can help faculty create very specific performance-based assignment objectives. Using this online tool can assist in making writing assignments less subjective and more understandable to students. Tools like this could save huge amounts of time in grading assignments, and assist with grading subjective assignments more consistently.

How it Works

  • “Custom rubrics [can be created using] the built-in course management and assessment tools to apply them to student coursework, or use our collaborative assessment tools to assess an object collaboratively.”
  • Rubrics can be built from scratch or based on another rubric
  • An instructor specify exactly what is required for each portion of an assignment and how that part will be weighted as part of the assignment’s overall grade
  • The online product is free for those who register and agree to share their Rubrics with others
  • The publicly shared Rubrics are categorized by subject matter, such as chemistry or English. These rubrics can be viewed to see how other people are grading assignments and what criteria they are utilizing.

Some Features

  • Assignments can be broken down into sections that specify what is being looked for in that section, and how it will be graded
  • Class performed on a given assignment can be broken down by section and analyzed. Areas were a majority of students performed poorly can be highlighted to determine where remedial actions have to be taken.
  • If the online product is used when grading section points will be tracked and totals automatically calculated.
  • The product records performance information, on rubrics that are used repeatedly for the same course. This data over time can assist in assessing performance against set objectives.
  • The open nature of the product allows faculty to learn from and adopt rubrics created by other instructors worldwide. Seeing what others have done in the same subject area can help faculty with developing the initial objectives for assignments.

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This entry was posted on June 6, 2007 by in Instructional Technology.

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