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Seamless Integration of Wikis into the Learning Environment: Part 4 of 12

Viewing and Creating Pages

This tutorial explains how to access and use Blackboard wikis.

Accessing a Wiki

A wiki within Blackboard is a page, or set of pages, that can be collaboratively edited by the instructor and by the students enrolled in the class. It is one of the few tools available which allows students to add content to a Blackboard course web site.

A current limitation of Blackboard wikis is that Safari on the Macintosh is not a supported browser for this functionality. We recommend that Macintosh users use the latest version of Firefox. Download Firefox

Viewing a Wiki

Viewing a wiki site works very much like viewing any web site – use links on any of the pages to go to another page (these links will need to be created by the page editors). The gray task bar on the right side also allows access to all pages in the wiki – they are listed alphabetically under "site navigation".

Editing a wiki page

edit wiki page link

Users who have editing privileges to a wiki will see an edit link in the page section of the task bar on the right. Clicking this link will open the current wiki page in editing mode. Enter text into the text box, and format it with the editing toolbar located above the text box. Pausing the mouse over each toolbar button will bring up a brief description of the button's functionality. It is important to click Save at the bottom of the page at the end of each editing session.

wiki edit page form

Only one user can edit a given wiki page at a time. Other users trying to edit the same page will see a message that the page is currently being edited by someone else (the name is included in the message).

Creating a New Page

Empty wikis start out with a blank home page, but every wiki can have multiple pages – a wiki isn't just a web page, it is a web site. To create a new page, click on new in the page section of the gray task bar on the right. This will open up a blank page in editing mode.

Next week – Adding External Links and Linking Pages

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