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Seamless Integration of Wikis into the Learning Environment: Part 10 of 12

Preparing Students

Wikis are, by nature, easy to use. However, they do, in many cases, feature non-standard markup that can be challenging even to students with experience in other methods of coding web pages, such as HTML. It would be a good idea to provide students with tutorial or quick-start-guides that define wiki editing functions. A number of good resources can be found on the Internet or in tutorials like this one.

Most students like the ability to collaborate anytime anywhere and wikis can facilitate this type of collaboration, unfortunately the tool doesn't teach collaboration skills. Most students will not be used to having their work edited, revised, or even deleted by their peers. Dedicating some time at the beginning of the course to a low stakes, fun activity, like an icebreaker or course based treasure hunt can introduce students to the peer editing process.

Next week – Assessing Wikis

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