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Using the Blackboard “Assess Wikis” Tool

Blackboard has a built in wiki grader that can make it easier to review student contributions across wikis and within date ranges. We suggest that this tool be used in conjunction with the guidelines set forth in the beginning of the wiki section and a comprehensive rubric.

The following instructions will step you through accessing the tool and reviewing student contributions.

  1. Click on the Control Panel link located on the lower left side of the main course page.
  2. Click on the “Assess Wikis” link located under the Course Tools header. A listing of all course wikis will be displayed.
  3. bb wiki grader

  4. Click on the [View Participation] button for the wiki that you want to review. A listing of all wiki participants will be displayed.
  5. Chick on the “Show participation for:” dropdown arrow to select a date range.
  6. Then click n the [View Details] button for participation details.
  7. Next click on the [See Change History] button to view a list of modifications to a page by the selected student.
  8. bb wiki grader

  9. Then click on the [View Diff] button to see the page changes made by the student.
    1. Deleted items will be highlighted with a line drawn through them.
    2. Added items will be highlighted in yellow

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