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Fostering Learning in the Networked World: The Cyberlearning Opportunity and Challenge

Presenters: Christine L. Borgman

My Review: During this session Dr. Borgman provided a vision developed by the NSF Task Force on Cyberlearning for how educational institutions should prepare  learners to be successful in the environments in which they live and work. The vision notes that the ideal learning environment will assist students develop a  life-long learning portfolio created through:

  • Virtual learning simulations,
  • Exposure to customized interactions developed with a diverse set of materials
  • Mobile technologies that provide  access to school materials assignments and supplemental content,
  • Demonstrations of virtual interactions with classmates,
  • Ability to retrieve real-time data from remote sensors
  • Interactions among communities of learners across space and time

She went on to suggest that Institutions build a vibrant cyberlearning field that promotes cross disciplinary communities of researchers and practitioners that develop shared, interoperable designs of hardware, software, and services. Making the many of the resources available on the web with permission for unrestricted reuse and recombination.

The full presentation can be viewed online at, and the National Science Foundation Task Force on Cyberlearning report can be accessed at

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