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Blackboard 8 – Early Warning System

Note: Warnings will be generated only when an instructor refreshes the Early Warning System and chooses to send out the warnings. The system keeps a searchable log of all alerts sent to users. The logs can be used to verify that a student was alerted to a problem.

The Early Warning System is a tool used to communicate warnings to students that there is a performance problem in a course. Warnings can be generated based on graded performance, late or missing course work, or attendance (accessing the online course).Individuals with Instructor rights to the course can send warning messages to just the student, the student and the advisor (if they have been given course Observer rights), or just the advisor. In addition, the Instructor can use the default message or modify it to more accurately communicate the seriousness of the situation.

Managing the Warning System

early warning system bb8

early warning system bb8

Rules determine when the Early Warning System flags student performance. It is up to the Instructor to communicate the warnings There are three options for rules.

  1. Grade Rule – Identifies when student performance on an item is equal to or below a certain level.
  2. Due Date – Identifies when a student does not complete course work when it is due (only works with Assignments or Assessments created through Blackboard).
  3. Last Access – Identifies the last time a user accessed the course.

Please keep in mind that rules are not constantly running in the background checking for events. Regularly running the rule checks will keep the warning triggers up to date.


Click on the the below listed tutorial links to learn more about the Early Warning System. All tutorial will be displayed as PDF documents.

  • Adding a Rule
  • Modifying a Rule
  • Removing a Rule
  • Refreshing Rules
  • Viewing & Sending Alerts
  • Viewing the Notification Log
  • Performance Dashboard View

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