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wikiCycleThe following links take you to sites that provide portable applications that are packages so you can carry them around on any portable devise, USB thumb drive, iPod, portable hard drive, memory card, or other portable devices, taking your preferences with you.  They are great tools to have if you are working in public labs or use multiple computers on a regular basis.

  • Free OpenSource Software Mac User Group – this site contains portable versions of: Firefox, Thunderbird, Adium (IM client), AbiWord (word processing program), Nvu (web authoring system), Sunbird (cross platform calendar system), Cyberduck FTP browser), Check Off (to-do manager), Gimp, Newsspeak, Inkscape, VLC (video stream and multimedia player), Audacity, OpenOffice, RSSOwl, Feed, X-Chat Aqua, Camino (web browser), Vienna (newsreader), Celtx (Screenwriting and production writer), Safari, Mail, iCal, Addressbook, iChat, and SyncPAppX.Narrative usage tutorials can be found at and video tutorials at
  • Portable Apps – the tools available on this site allow you to carry programs along with all of your bookmarks, settings, email and more with you. The site provides you with the following programs: Firefox (web browser), Thunderbird 9email), Sunbird (calendar/tasks), ClamWin (anitvirus), Pidgin (IM), KeePass (password manager), Sudoku (game), CoolPlayer (audio player), OpenOffice, Blender (3D modeling), Dia (diagramming tool), and GIMP (photo & image editor), etc.Help tutorial for installing and running the above listed products can be found at

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This entry was posted on November 9, 2009 by in Tools.

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