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Portfolios for Teaching, Learning, and Presentation – Part 7

Personalizing the Portfolio

The PDF Portfolio features in Acrobat make it easy to create an engaging presentation package. When you first open the PDF Portfolio tool, an edit pane of the right side of the work area will be displayed.

The first thing that you will want to do when creating a new portfolio is choose a layout. To choose a layout for a portfolio:

  1. In the Edit PDF Portfolio window, click on the Choose A Layout section.
  2. Next select one of the basic layout options:
    1. Basic Grid: Arrange files as thumbnails with text.
    2. On An Image: Arrange files on top of any image you want. Use the Pick Image button to select the image to use as a background for your portfolio.
    3. Revolve: Bring one file into focus at a time.
    4. Sliding Row: Display several files in a row.

The following tutorials will step you through how to set up and edit portfolio options and content areas.

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