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Augmented Reality in a 4G World: Apps for Higher Education

This presentation given by Notre Dame and Sprint focused on the need for 4G capabilities to really make Augmented Reality a possibility. True AR as defined by the faculty member at Notre Dame

  • Should be contextually aware
  • Allow the user to add, revise, and change the content
  • Immerse the user without the user being aware of the tools/technology being used to produce the augmentation.

There are two primary types of AR implementations: Marker Based and Markerless.

  • Marker-based implementation utilizes some type of image such as a QR/2D code to produce a result when it is sensed by a reader, typically a camera on a cell phone.
  • Markerless AR is often more reliant on the capabilities of the device being used such as the GPS location, velocity meter, etc.

Marker-based AR is currently the most prevalent and easiest to accomplish. True Markerless AR is currently unrealizable due to sensor accuracy (i.e. GPS accuracy anywhere between 10 – 50 meters), service limits (i.e. indoors vs outdoors), bandwidth requirements (4 G not a reality in all places nor can the devices currently in existence actually handle it), and power pulls on the devices.

As with any mobile initiative, there are consistency issues not only within authoring, which is extremely complex and costly at this time, but also with OS selection, stability, and continuous upgrades. So, while this has great potential, it’s not quite ready for primetime yet, particularly in higher education.

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This entry was posted on February 15, 2011 by in ELI 2011.

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