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General Session – Open Educational Resources and Learning Analytics by David Wiley

I found David Wiley’s presentation to be quite engaging.  He spoke of the need to collect and analyze relevant contextual and behavioral data on student learning in addition to the assessment data. Unfortunately, he is quick to note that the LMS analytics/dashboards are not robust enough to accomplish these tasks. Essentially, the grocery store or Amazon can better predict behaviors from the individuals buying pattern information gathered from the “club” cards or search patterns. David provided an excellent “waterfall” visualization of student performance based upon time spent in the LMS for a high school class he has been working with. The visualization was extremely powerful and the results he did discuss were just as impressive.

Wiley spoke too of the Western Governor’s University, which only offers credits through assessment. If you pass the high stakes assessment, you get the credit. If you are unable to pass the assessment, WGU can provide a list of approved online courses at other institutions, some open courseware some not, that the customer can take to give them the background information/knowledge necessary to pass the assessment.

A crowdsource application called Idea Scale ( was used to gather questions and agree/disagree responses to those questions during the session. There are a number of possible uses for a tool like this in the large classroom or where group discussion is encouraged. It requires some explanation, which I feel was absent when we were encouraged to use it during the session.

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This entry was posted on February 15, 2011 by in ELI 2011.

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