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Bb Platform Product Roadmap

The following highlights some of the enhancements and projected release dates announced at BbWorld 2011.


  • Even number service packs
    • Released at the end of each year
    • Contain new capabilities and features
  • Odd number service packs
    • Released at the mid point of each year
    • System fixes

SP6 – released

  • Grading rubrics
    • Integrated interactive grading rubric that supports in-line grading
    • Rubrics can be viewed by students
  • Automatic assessment submission
    • Time limits set on assessments will be automatically submitted when time runs out
    • Enhanced question navigation allows students to skip around in questions during an assessment if the instructor activates the feature
    • New timer displaying the test-time countdown can be rolled up or down during the assessment
    • On screen receipt for tests submitted noting the successful submission of an assessment will be provided to students at the end of an exam
  • New SCORM player – will still have access to the existing player and will have a choice as to which player should be deployed
  • New SIS Framework
    • Provides visual field mapper support
    • Supports: LIS 2.0, IMS, Exchange and standard snapshots
    • Built-in integration with Banner
  • Institutional hierarchy support
    • Provided instructional directory support similar to that found in Angel
    • Allows for delegation of user controls, administrative functions and tools by system role
  • Learning outcomes tools available to all

SP8 – Dec 2011 or Jan 2012

  • Tiny UCE editor to replace current text editor
    • Updated HTML editor will address Word copy issue
    • Currently available on a limited for piloting
  • Allows for negative and weighted marking on assessments
  • Course relationship tool and Merge roster tool for aligned course sections
  • Re-grade option – Provides an easy way to correct mismarked questions and change point values across submissions – multiple submissions to be correct with one operation
  • Evidence collection evaluation – tool allows for alignment of objectives and standards across course, programs or institution. All provides mechanism for aligning content collections and assessment to standards
  • Enhanced activity reporting
    • Display how learners are performing to objectives
    • Provide more in-depth information on system usage
    • Activity reporting by student – when they touch an item in courses, how long they spend on the item, etc.
  • Ability to deliver building blocks by hierarchy – option to deliver Building Blocks, modules and tabs by individual or group
  • Content System Enhancements – editing items in the content collection has been streamlined – items to be edited will be opened in the tool in wish they were created and when the tool is closed the edited document will automatically be posted back to Blackboard
  • Additional automatic theme options

Bb Learn 2012 (TBD)

  • My Blackboard tab re-designed
    • Display of recent activities across all courses
    • Social networking tools for communicating with peers
  • Customizable personal learning experiences
    • Enhanced profile page that provides community building tools
    • Ability to create ad-hoc social learning spaces
  • Learning Object Repository
    • Expanded to true Bb learning objects – assignments, rubrics, surveys, tests and test pools – update resources in one place – changes will be reflected in all courses linked to resource
    • Ability to search for learning across learning object types
    • Ability to create repository content outside of a specific course
  • Assessment updates
    • Ability to create assessments and set parameters by group or individuals based on needs without having to duplicate the assessment
    • Enhanced question types – ability to add ranges and boundaries to selected question types
    • Enhancements of test analysis – standard deviation on questions/assessment instruments, ability to drill down within assessment data
    • Assignment grading workflow – ability to open assignment submissions in native tools, add comments and save back into Bb Grade Center – original document retained and annotated document saved as new version

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