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Leveraging Academic Analytics

Presentation provided overview of two building blocks for gathering, analyzing and making use of data in Blackboard by the average system administrator.

Possible tool usage

  • Professional development
    • Identification of faculty using Bb and how they are using it
    • Discover tools
    • Promotion possibilities
  • Using the data
    • Track deployment of new tools and identify users
    • Encourage deeper use of tools
    • Connect faculty with peers
    • Discover innovative faculty
    • Find faculty presenters
    • Develop & plan sessions
    • Follow usage trends
  • Course improvement
    • Content
      • Connecting faculty
      • Tools used by department/course
      • Tools used and learning outcomes
      • Share best practices during evaluation
      • Discover innovative faculty
      • Assess/set minimum use standards for students

Caution: running some of the reports may place a large load on the system – best the run reports during non-peak periods.

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