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Using QR Codes in an Educational Setting

QR coding technology developed by Denso Wave and released to the public under an open patent.

  • Technology is standardized internationally and freely usable by all
  • Codes are 1/10 the size of barcodes and can store more information
  • 40 code versions from 21×21 modules to 177 x 177 modules are available

Go to for more information on ubimark

QR codes can be used to:

  • Link to a website, display text, send an email, send text messages, display videos, etc.
  • Use in courses to link to content and other resources
  • Link back to syllabus in course content
  • Link to online registrations
  • Link to rich learning content outside of the LMS
  • Link to augmented reality interactions

QR code generators and  readers

  • QR Code and Augmented Reality guide created by Amanda Albright –
  • Zxing
    • Code generator for: contact information, calendar events, URLs, GEO locations, SMS, text and  WiFi networks
    • Generator and associated wiki can be found at
  • I-Nigma
    • Provides QR code generator and reader
    • Types generated: URLs, encoded messages, contact details and SMS
    • Produces codes in a variety of sizes
  • quiQR
    • Allows QR codes to be generated from mobile devices ($1.99 for app)
    • Types generated: URL, text, contact, phone number and SMS
  • BeQrious
    • Tool allows for the creation of custom QR codes using graphical images, maps and custom colors
    • Generates code for: email, phone numbers, text, VCard, text message, YouTube videos, social media links,
  • QRgenerator
    • Generates codes for: URLs, text, browser bookmarks, mecard, vcard, bizcard, vCalendar events, email addresses, phone number, SMS, GEO location and maps, social networks, and text with masks
    • Generates QR codes in a variety of sizes and quiet zones

Other Resources

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