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10 Cool Tools Worth Investigating

Audio and Video Management Tools

  1. Aviary ( ) – Free suite of web based image and audio editing tools.
  2. Adobe “Flash Media Playback Setup” from their Open Source Media solution (  – site generates the html (object tab) that can be used as an “embed code” when you want video embedded on a web page.
  3. CloudApp ( )- Technically Mac only, but this is a indispensable that lets you quickly and easily upload screenshots or files and generate a short url for users. Windows users may want to look at — it provides similar services.
  4. Handbrake ( – In addition to being free and relatively simple to use if you stick to the presets, it is a good H.264 video encoder and will takes any video file as input.
  5. Ipadio ( – free tool for audio creation. The tool can automatically post to blogs, create an mp3 and transcribe audio into text. Use any phone or mobile device to create audio or to live-stream audio content.
  6. ( – this tool allows you to upload your PPT file, set your webcam, and then talk while you’re moving from slide to slide.

Productivity Tools

  1. Evernote ( provides social tagging and bookmarking via a notes-based interface. Capture webpages, pictures, hyperlinks and screenshots in notebooks and then share notebooks with peers and students.
  2. Pixlr ( – online  flash-based photo editing tool. Product apps can be downloaded for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  3. Wunderlist ( – Nicely designed and well thought out ToDo list that you can use just about everywhere (browser, smartphone, desktop, etc.).
  4. LiveBinder ( –  captures, organizes, and presents digital content using a binder metaphor. You can include websites, images, pdfs, docs, and videos, it can also be used to create a consolidated presentation on almost anything.   It’s easy to reorder the tabs and subtabs and there’s a way to add a cover page (with a very basic editor). Binders are easy to create, easy to share, and your (and others’) binders can develop into a rather unique kind of resource library.

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