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Session: Engaging faculty in pedagogical technology training

Presentation discussed the strategic plan initiative for increased sharing of information and use of technology across the Marist College community from the perspective of faculty development.  The following are some of the high points of the session.

  • A strategy should be developed to increase participation at faculty development sessions. The first thing that a group should do is develop a central question that aligns to the institutional strategic plan. The central question for the Academic Technologies group at Marist was: How do we increase numbers and improve quality?
  • Gather data/needs from stakeholders through surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one conversations and weigh the findings against institutional goals and objectives.
  • Plan well in advance – speaker recommended developing a 1 to 2 year plan that focuses on: what faculty should know/look like at the end of the development plan, the type of certification(s) the might be offered (i.e., blended, online or some type tools based certificate), how will sessions assist faculty in meeting student needs, what skills are important to the institution – where should the center take faculty.
  • Diversify the development opportunities offered. Be flexible, think outside of the box with the type of training offered.
  • Assure that growth opportunities and the ability to support different skill levels is built into training plans by having introductory, intermediate, and advanced offerings.
  • Where feasible customize development opportunities by department.
  • Conduct workshops around non-class time: non-teaching windows, evenings and weekends. This will reduce the number of conflicts for fulltime faculty and provide outreach for adjuncts.
  • Consider the creation of mobile learning unit that can be taken to departments for development opportunities. This will allow for increased customization, increase hands-on training room options and assure that the computers have all required software for sessions.
  • If your training and development group is part of central IT, cross list workshops on academic department websites to increase visibility.
  • Find/design and implement a standard for evaluating the design of online and blended courses. Assuring that faculty understand that the tool assesses the design of content delivery not the content itself.

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