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Tools and techniques worth investigating

The following are some of the tools and techniques that I found of interest at the conference this year.

  • BioBook – this Moodle based product provides students with faculty developed interactive textbooks that allow students to choose their learning paths through materials and assess their learning at the beginning and end of each new concept. ( system appears to be closed to the public so please view the following resources to learn more about the product. 

  • CPR (Calibrated Peer Review) – web-based assessment tool for student writing assignments. Instructors can choose from a library of writing assignments or create an assignments specifically for their course. This standalone tool functions somewhat like to self and peer assessment tool in Blackboard. ( )
  • Jadu Universe – tool provides an integrated solution content management and data harvesting that can be interacted with on a website or through mobile devices. The product can harvest data from or update data sources on student systems, sharepoint, finance systems, student relationship management or enterprise resource planning. ( [information], [schedule demonstration])
  • Mobile-Enhanced Inquiry-Based Learning (MEIBL) – a blended inquiry-based learning strategy utilizing mobile devices developed by Abilene Christian University. ( )
  • OpenClass – free, open, scalable cloud-based LMS system integrated with Google Apps for Education. Product is designed and hosted by Pearson.

  • SimSchool – site provides a classroom simulation that supports teacher’s experience in analyzing student differences and adapting instruction to individual learner needs. The simulation graphics are a bit elementary and represent a rather young learner population, but the narrative content is relevant to all levels of classroom management. (
  • Waypoint Outcomes – tool provides a customizable, interactive rubrics tool that can be aligned with learning outcomes and provides detailed data analysis at a user, course or program level. ( ) The product can be used standalone or integrated into Blackboard with a free building block that can be download from  (

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