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Designing Learning Content for Mobile Devices

The following highlights some of the tools and techniques that can be used to develop learning materials for delivery across mobile devices.

Designing ePub Materials

Tools and Resources





  • Runs on: Windows, Mac
  • Output: text, html file, ePub
  • Cost: $449 new license, $125 upgrade
  • Download: (30 day trial) 
  • User Guide: many guides can be purchased through a variety of vendors





Why Pay for Intro Textbooks?

Mitch Smith

Creating ePub files with Pages


Automatic ePub Conversion Programs: An Examination


Using Dreamweaver to Edit ePUB eBooks

page to screen

Going from InDesign to Ebook

Digital Book World

Designing Materials with iBooks Author

Web Resources

Sample Books


  • Xcode 4 – toolset for building OSX ans iOS applications. Open source tool with a lot of good documentation and large developer network.

Support Materials

* Please keep in mind that although the iBooks Author tool is very easy to use the output currently only runs on the iPad.

Other Resources

  • BookGlutton – for $5 the service will convert an HTML based book into a valid ePub format and assist with marketing of the text. They have really strict requirements for how the submitted files should be packaged so read their guidelines carefully.  (
  • EPUB Validator – allows you to upload ePub documents for validation against ePub 2 & 3 standards. (
  • ePub Zen Garden – site discusses how to visually design eText and offers a set of resources for designing eText under a creative commons license. (
  • Inkling –  provides SmartBooks and textbooks of the iPad. Some titles are free other chapters and full text can be purchased. (
  • Kitabu – Desktop/Laptop ePub reader and organizer. (

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