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Random Thoughts on Instructional Design

Educators do not have to teach they have to provide learning environments….

In the following TED video Shimon Schocken describes how he and one of his peers developed one of the first MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in 1995. The MOOC  developed a large contingent of self directed learners around the world that built computers, associated software and compiler from the ground up. He also talked about the self-exploration math curriculum tools that they have built for K-12 students and their teachers/parents.

Dr. Schocken’s online course “From NAND to Tetris” can be fund at Another very interesting open online programing course that institutions are starting to integrate into their curriculum is Codeacademy a free online interactive environment where students can learn to code programming languages like HTML, Javascript, Jquery, and Python.

In the next video John Seely Brown discusses how to cultivate entrepreneurial learners.

I agree with most of what both of these speakers have to say, I just wonder if higher education as it is currently structured can meet the learning needs of this new type of learner.

What are your thoughts?

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