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Teaching and Learning Tools: January 2013

The following are three educational gaming tool that you may want to explore.

ARIS (Augmented Reality and Interactive Storytelling)

“ARIS is an open source Interactive Storytelling program created by members of the Curriculum and Instruction department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. ARIS interactives are two parts:

  • Build – using a Flash based browser interface accessible at, users can create AR games, tours and other imaginable interactions.
  • Play – ARIS interactions can be accessed using the ARIS app available at for the iPhone, iPad touch (with camera) and iPad 2 or greater.

Games Based Learning MOOC

Gaming mooc

Games Based Learning is an open course designed for educators who want to learn more about games, simulations and gaming environments that can be used in educational settings.

Planet Stewards

“The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) teamed up with 3D GameLab at Boise State to create Planet Stewards, a personalized high school competency-based curricular experience. Using NOAA’s content and 3D GameLab’s game-based learning platform, students are engaged by choosing among web-based quests, and earning experience points, levels, and badges to demonstrate their achievements in weather, climate, coastal, ocean, and lake science, all aligned to National Science Standards.”

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