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wireWAX Studio Tags and Tracks Objects in Videos


Free! WIREWAX STUDIO employs a heavy dose of video processing magic to let users tag objects and people in YouTube or Vimeo videos. What’s better is how these tags can link to text, images, and even apps. We found it pretty easy to attach Facebook profiles to talking heads, Amazon searches to cars, trains, and logos, or Qwiki presentations for topics and themes referenced in the video. You can also embed other videos making for an interesting if not over-the-top video-in-video effect. WireWAX’s incredibly rich feature set may be the only potential negative. Students and digital savants will easily find their way, but teachers may want to take some time outside of the classroom to view the tutorials before including Wirewax in any lesson plans. You’ll also want to upload long videos beforehand to avoid cutting into class time — our 11-minute YouTube video took a hair under 20 minutes to process.

Source: EdSurge

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