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Beta Tool: Blubbr Challenges TED-Ed with Snappy Interface

BETA BLUBBR provides an extremely slick interface that makes it easy for users to create video-based quizzes — called “trivs” — similar to those seen on TED-Ed and Teachem. The straightforward six-step process is as follows:

  1. name your “triv”
  2. search videos under a topic of your choice
  3. select a video
  4. use the entire video or crop to a specific section
  5. create at least four multiple choice questions related to the video
  6. click ‘I’m Done’.

All “trivs” are made public and categorized so that any user can practice his or her “trivving” skills. We were pleasantly surprised to find the highest number of entries under the education category. Check out this “triv” on the flipped classroom to get a better feel for how Blubbr might work for your students.

Source: EdSurge

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