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Cool eBook/iBook Author tool set

Bookry a complimentary cloud-based service for iBooks Author and eBook development provides and great series of interactive widgets that require no knowledge of coding to integrate into digital book designs. To generate widget plugins in Bookry: create an account, and then select  a widget tool from the library and populate the associated form, next download the generated widget file and drag and drop it in an iBook Author page.

Currently the product offers widgets to integrate:

  • Teaching & Learning Resources
    • Goolge Maps – allows you to transport users to a specific place on a map or show them where they need to go within an eBook
    • Interactive Timelines – “widget [assists] you in creating a timeline sequence of images, that wen stitched together demonstrate change over time.”
    • Flicker Gallery – Using search terms this widget will pull real-time photos from Flickr straight into  iBooks.
    • Browser – use this widget to embed a full screen webpage into your book that includes current information.
    • YouTube – this widget generates the code that allows streaming of YouTube videos from within iBooks.
    • Twitter – this widget allows for real-time conversations and opinion feeds from Twitter to be included in books.
    • PDF Document Viewer – widget management of  viewing PDF documents within iBooks
    • 360 Panorama – generates the code for placing a 360 degree panorama located on an iPad or iPhone within an iBook. The tool requires the Occipital 360 Panorama app be installed on the iPad or iPhone.
    • Image Explorer – the widget allows you to place large images (i.e., detailed project plans, artifact photos, maps, etc.)  into books and lets users explore them in more detail.
    • Office Document Viewer – widget provides the framework for opening Word documents within iBooks.
    • Vimeo – use our Vimeo widget to stream videos down to your users, it can reduce the size of the book dramatically, while still providing the same media experience to your users.
    • Feedback – this widget allows  feedback forms to be embedded throughout books and the data collected to be viewed from a website. It is a great way to receive feedback on content value.


  • Assessment and Reinforcement Tools
    • Matching exercises –  “the widget automatically jumbles up all the images to test the readers ability to identify and match identical images.”
    • Spot the Difference – widget provides a method for you to upload your own images to create observation exercises. The tool also allows you to set a timer and the number of incorrect tries that each user will be allowed, and to provide feedback.
    • Scientific Calculator – the widget provided a calculator that can be embedded into question sets within iBooks. The tool can be placed within the assessment question area or provided for remedial purposes with the book design.
    • Word Search – enter as many words as you like in the widget setup tool and it will automatically create a vocabulary puzzle for you that provides immediate feedback.
    • Drag and Drop – this tool could be used for identification and placement or ordering activities for testing a users ability to apply isolated concepts. To set up the widget simply upload a background images and any number of objects to drag around on top of that background.
    • Slider Puzzle – add additional interactive reinforcement within books with the slider puzzle widget. Simply upload an image from your computer into the widget and let it generate the interaction. Please keep in mind that the more complex the picture is, the harder the puzzle will be for the user to complete.

Bookry takes customer feedback very seriously and releases new widgets to support user requests on a regular basis. Widgets nearing release are: Quiz, QR Code, Forms, Notepad, Checklist and In-Book Photo tools.

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