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My name is JoAnn Gonzalez-Major and I am an Instructional Designer and the owner and writer of the “Rose Colored Glasses” blog.

I started my professional career as a programmer with AT&T. I was moved to one of the headquarters offices in New Jersey to head the systems training initiative for the national offices that were split off from the regional Bell entities during divestiture.   The next step in my career was to move from AT&T to Cigna Reinsurance to exercise my MBA in a strategic management position and to trade domestic travel for working with offices in the European theater – which I enjoyed until I came home from one particularly long travel stint to be asked by my family “who was I and did I really live here?” This question prompted me to re-assess my priorities and concentrate on honing my skills in the aspect of my professional life that brought me the greatest joy  — the design and delivery of professional development opportunities.

In 1997, I migrated from corporate to Higher Education with the acceptance of a faculty position in the Instructional Design program at Philadelphia University. Two years later I became the Acting Director of the Instructional Design Program and assisted the Institution in gaining Pennsylvania certification for a Tier II Teaching Certificate in Educational Technology.  From there I took a position as the Director of Instructional Technology at Immaculata University, where I was responsible for managing the instructional technology staff, chairing the University Technology 
Council and teaching selected graduate and undergraduate courses.  A couple of years into my appointment at Immaculata a professional associate asked if I would join the University of Sciences in Philadelphia (USP) to take their first pharmacy related program completely online. In that position, I worked closely with Graduate programs, the Faculty Center, and senior administration to develop design protocols; faculty selection and training processes; faculty development opportunities; and course models. By my departure in 2007, the fully online MBA in Pharmaceutical Marking program had accepted its third cohort.

I then took a position at the University of Alaska in Anchorage to move away from large cities and get back to a smaller town environment. This position required me to work closely with faculty, administrators and support staff across the university community to promote and model standards for instructional design; design and develop sound online and classroom based educational products; leverage technology; and to deliver content effectively and efficiently. I really enjoyed the challenges that the position offered as well as the hiking and kayaking opportunities that Alaska afforded, but the long months of darkness and challenges of traveling to the lower 48 for family events made me realize I needed to depart.

In 2010 I joined Dartmouth College as a Senior Educational Technologist where I worked closely with faculty, administrators and support staff throughout the campus community to promote and model standards for instructional design; design and develop sound educational products; and leverage technology in teaching and learning practice.

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