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Stayin’ Alive: Surviving the Dreams and Realities of Assessing Full-time, Web-based Students’ Learning

Tracy presented an overview of how her institution implemented an online assessment protocol for their web-based “Pharmacy Pathway” program. Like other institutions this program utilized a number of assessment strategies. The non-test strategies were handled the same way for the online and on-ground students. The challenge was developing a method for managing and delivering a variety of high-stakes exams at a distance, while maintaining test integrity and exam security.

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Sharing Learning Designs: Building the LAMS Community Web Site

James Dalziel provided an interactive overview of the Learning Activity Management System (LAMS). The system is built on the open/ACS/.LRN open source community platform. The product allows teachers to design, manage and deliver online collaborative learning activities. They can sequence individual tasks, small group work and whole class activities, and can quickly and easily change the sequence by using a ‘drop and drag’ features.

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The SEA Framework: An Open-Source Framework for Building Custom Content Authoring Tools

Bruce presented a faculty support tool developed by his University called the ConceptTutor. The product is designed to support the development of medium-sized learning objects that are of moderate sophistication. The product provides a seamless design and lightweight programming, supports dynamic content, and can be hosted on a local file system. Little or no technical expertise on the part of the faculty is required to build objects with this tool.

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Providing Distance Learning with New Tools for the VT/WFU Biomedical Engineering and Science School

The three speakers shared their design and development process for the School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences blended program designed by Virginia Tech and Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

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Dances with Faculty: Empowering Success in the Online Environment

Presenter: Lawrence Ragan, Director, Instructional Design/Development, Pennsylvania State University Using his organization as a backdrop Larry conduced an interactive workshop which explored relationships between faculty and the Instructional Technologists and … Continue reading

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Educause Conference (10/18 – 10/21)

My blog will be silent for the next several days, I heading to Orlando for the Educause conference and a little R&R. Since I don’t like to kennel my dogs … Continue reading

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