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amCharts is a beta  cloud solution that generates flash based column & bar, line & area, pie & donut, scatter & bubble and radar & polar charts that can be embedded into web pages. Tutorials and support for amCharts and amMaps can be found at


ChartsBin – An online tool to create your own interactive map instantly with no installation or coding needed, and you can embed the map in website or blog easily too.

Easelly is a fun tool to create your Infographics with drag and drop features and a simple interface. You can easily create and share visual ideas online, supported by ‘vhemes’ or visual themes that help you get started from the preset Infograpic style. Drag and drop a ‘vheme’ onto your canvas to turn your idea into a full infographic. – is a simple way to create static and interactive infographics. Import raw data to, and the site’s online tool will help you turn that data into a nice looking chart or full-blown infographic in minutes.

Many Eyes

Many Eyes – an experiment by IBM Research and the IBM Cognos software group with a simple belief: ‘Finding the right way to view your data is as much an art as a science’. Many Eyes provides a range of visualizations from the ordinary to the experimental, where each can be put together with a click. (Please keep in mind that the usage statement notes that IBM retains rights to all data uploaded to the site.)


Piktochart – With Piktochart, you get to create an innovative Infographic using a combination of different types of visualizations: themes, icons, vectors, images and chart exporter. Drag-and-drop and click your way through color schemes, shapes and fonts, then export the materials as static or html to easily embed it for use at your site.


StatSilk – offers web-based and desktop software to create interactive data visulation and maps.

Tableau Public

Tableau Public – A free application for your Windows computer that helps you create interactive data visulations. You can create and share interactive charts and graphs, maps and live dashboards with a mimual amout of effort.


Venngage – an online infographics tool that helps you create and publish custom infographics, and at the same time, engage viewers and track results. Venngage allows you to create infographics for blogs and websites. – helps you customize infographics in seconds, and no, you don’t have to be an analyst or designer to make infographics with Visually Create. allows you to also discover infographics and favorites from other users. (What is from visually on Vimeo.)



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